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Long lasting, extra large 8-oz size! – New elegantly styled bottle. Share the most pleasurable massage & intimacy oil ever formulated. A wondrous custom blend of only the finest natural oils are carefully selected for the ultimate massage experience. – GLUTEN, CORN, & SOY FREE! – VEGAN!
Ideal absorbency – never sticky, oily, or greasy. Very light unisex scent from pure essential oils. A superb formula. – No desire or need to shower after use. Utterly sublime…simply bask in the afterglow.
Slightly warming while being applied. Luxurious, healthy & nourishing. An uncompromising 100% pure blend of premium, all-natural botanical oils. —— No chemicals, fillers, additives, preservatives or synthetics of any kind. —— Ultra rich in anti-oxidants & nutrients. Leaves your skin soft, tender, & smooth – desiring to be touched.


Infused with Geranium Leaf, this lightweight aromatic oily lotion leaves your skin hydrated and replenishes dryness.
Easy to dispense from our handy pump pack, a little goes a long way and Lulu smells and feels great.
Lulu Organic Massage Oil will not leave skin oily or greasy your skin will feel silky smooth and soft to the touch without any sort of oily residue, making it ideal for men and women who enjoy relaxation massages.


BEST MASSAGE OIL FOR SENSUAL MASSAGE – sweet almond massage oil for smooth skin. Great body massage oil for soft skin
PERFECT FOR COUPLES MASSAGE, this sensual vanilla massage oil makes the perfect gift for her
THIS VANILLA MASSAGE OIL is perfect for back rubs or sensual massage for couples – Best relaxing massage oil


HYDRATE YOUR SKIN FOR LONGER, aid relief of migraine and improve wellness with our relaxing Nooky Lavender Body Massage Lotion. Your body will be left feeling rehydrated, rejuvenated and relaxed long after you’re done
EASILY ABSORBED, to ensure no oily or greasy residue remains, only the feeling of young, supple skin.
A LIGHT, ORGANIC AROMATIC LAVENDER FRAGRANCE that won’t overpower your senses, making Nooky ideal for couples wanting to add sensual and relaxation aromatherapy massages to their repertoire.


HYDRATE, REJUVENATE and feel sensual long after you’re done enjoying a relaxation massage with our Nooky Orange Blossom Body Massage Oil.
ENJOY THE BENEFIT OF EASILY ABSORBED Oil without that greasy residue or oily excess found after using so many other massage oil products on the market. Skin is left soft and kissable with this 100% best natural organic lotion, which is suitable for all and sensitive skin types
NO OVERPOWERING, UNPLEASANT SCENT, just the relaxing sweet aromatic aromatherapy fragrance, adding stimulation to your muscles and senses that men and women love.


Perfect for Any Moment – Fox Envy’s Massage Oil is an ultra-stimulating method to relax the body with soothing sensations for a little stress relief for men and women with muscles that need a good massage. With a sweet rosemary orange blossom scent, this therapeutic oil lotion glides on easily and provides professional quality massages that will keep you coming back for more.
Natural Ingredients for Nourished Skin – Each bottle of this Rosemary Orange Blossom scented Massage Oil is also a moisturizer that features a blend of natural and essential oils such as Coconut and Jojoba Oil, as well as Lavandin Grosso (known as French Lavender to many) to keep the skin in great condition while you enjoy your massage therapy session. The skin will be smooth to the touch and look healthier.
Go From Feeling Stressed to Feeling Your Best – This 8oz bottle of Massage Oil is perfect for couples that want to add more relaxation to their routine, as this cream is formulated to provide stress and tension relief while also helping reduce stiff or sore muscle pain after a long day. So, if it’s a deep tissue massaging session you want, this healing and relaxing creme has you covered.


Soothing Support for Tense & Aching Muscles – Fox Envy’s Massage Oil is a vanilla scented muscle stimulating formula with soothing ingredients to enhance sensuality and help ease muscle tension for the back, shoulders, neck and more.
Relaxes the Body from Head to Toe – This massage oil glides onto the skin easily and quickly provides tension relief for a sore or aching neck and shoulders, or anywhere else on the body you’re looking to massage. You don’t have to be a professional masseuse to end the stress and experience deep relaxation with Fox Envy’s products.
Natural Ingredients for Softer Skin – Fox Envy’s Massage Oil incorporates a blend of natural and essential oils like Safflower Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to help nourish the skin in these sensual moments. By massaging this stimulating oil onto the skin of the man or woman in your life, your partner will experience the healing benefits of these natural carrier oils.


THE BEST MASSAGE OIL: Whether you’re looking to give your partner the sexy spa treatment or are opting to stay self-indulgent to soothe your own tired skin, our massage oil will provide the foundation upon which, you can create the ideal atmosphere
EXPERIENCE DEEP RELAXATION: This luxurious oil will transform any home into the distinctive atmosphere of a sensual bath house. It provides the ideal glide for a therapeutic and sensual experience, providing immediate muscle relief, while the perfect absorption rate ensures an intimate, residue-free massage
INVIGORATING SCENT FOR THE MOST INTIMATE MOMENTS: The aroma of Lavender and Bergamot alone is enough to calm and reduce anxiety improving your mood and outlook, bringing emotional balance to the body and mind


EDIBLE MASSAGE OIL for sex is a sensual massage oil that is incredibly emollient – making it perfect for couples massage. Not only is this oil the ideal texture for massage therapy – it is edible adding a new dimension to your sexual massage.
LAVENDER IGNITES PASSION Lavender is traditionally known as a relaxation oil but it is also a potent aphrodisiac for men and women to ignite passion and desire.
APHRODISIAC ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS contains Lavender Oil and Sweet Almond oil which are crucial ingredients in this edible massage oil – They combine to relax the mind as well as stimulate the body.


100% natural sensual massage oil with relaxing pure lavender, pure jojoba and almond oil for women and men.
Formulated with perfect balance of carrier oils for balanced absorbency (absorption rate not too fast, not too slow) which is non-staining, easy to apply and a naturally therapeutic body moisturizer, skin and muscle lubricant.
Rich in aromatic compounds which denote sensuality, the natural properties of Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil synergizes with Jojoba and Almond to create a sensual and intimate massage oil blend that exhilarates passion, sex and improves massage ability. Together, the oil blend promotes deep tissue softness while providing natural slip and the perfect absorbency without greasy residue buildup.


EDIBLE MANGO MASSAGE OIL promotes sexual desire and seduction. Delicious fruity flavor will moisturize and nourish the skin. Luxurious anti aging sexy massage oils help you tease and tempt your lover.
THERAPEUTIC OIL BLEND coconut oil and sweet almond and jojoba oil is boosted by antioxidant vitamin E to tone and detox skin. Anti-aging dry skin benefits for a smooth and youthful complexion.
EXOTIC TROPICAL AROMA is a low viscosity oil blend with carrier oils that reduce muscle pain and contain skin care benefits to firm and tighten skin while fighting dark spots for an even complexion.


PREMIUM THERAPEUTIC FORMULA relaxing and sensual aromatic properties enhance erotic massage. Lavender promotes relaxation and stress relief while Ylang Ylang Sweet Orange revitalize and rejuvenate.
NOURISHING NATURAL SKIN CARE lubricating oils for sensitive skin deliver the perfect rate of absorbency. Emollient massage oil has an abundance of anti-aging skin-nourishing vitamins for skin health.
CARRIER AND ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND is non-greasy and non-sticky, with perfect viscosity. Paraben free, preservative free. Hypoallergenic anti-aging body oil for dry skin prevents wrinkles and stretchmarks.


OUR PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE OIL is formulated with the perfect therapeutic balance of moisturizing essential and carrier oils including Lavender Jojoba Bergamont and Almond oils. This mix of %100 natural oils allows for a relaxing and soothing massage perfect for soothing sore muscles as well as romantic couple’s massage for an erotic night it. This non greasy oil is perfect for deep tissue massage to loosen tense muscles and relax you and your lover after a long day at the office.
FORMULATED FROM THE PUREST and most effective essential oils to give you a massage experience you’ll never forget. Lavender oil is known for its de-stressing capabilities which will help you relax your mind and muscles. Jojoba oil and Almond oil help repair skin cells and leave your body looking healthy and vibrant! For personal use or couples this massage oil will soothe and rejuvenate your skin and leave you with an over-all sense of well-being.
FORMULATED FROM THE PUREST and most effective essential oils to give you a massage experience you’ll never forget. Lavender oil is known for its de-stressing capabilities which will help you relax your mind and muscles. Jojoba oil and Almond oil help repair skin cells and leave your body looking healthy and vibrant! For personal use or couples this massage oil will soothe and rejuvenate your skin and leave you with an over-all sense of well-being.


SENSUAL MASSAGE OIL for men and women is a premium massage oil perfect for lovers who want to turn up the heat. Unlike other massage oils – this aphrodisiac oil is edible so you and your lover can enjoy each other in a variety of ways.
REIGNITE PASSION This therapeutic massage oil contains Lavender which is a little known natural aphrodisiac which soothes your mind and muscles but also helps ignite sexual desire.
APHRODISIAC ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS contains Lavender Oil & Sweet Almond Oil which contains antioxidant Vitamin E to detox and sooth the skin for a relaxing romantic massage that doesn’t just ignite your sexual appetite but nourishes the skin as well.

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EDIBLE APHRODISIAC OIL for women and men is the best sensual massage oil. Non-greasy, non-oily herbal formula has a detoxifying effect on the body and mind for an erotic sexual experience for couples.
FAST ABSORBING MASSAGE OIL with all natural ingredients is a healthy anti-cellulite alternative for relieving stress in the body. Our ultra hydrating formula for sensitive skin penetrates deep tissue.
ANTI AGING AND ANTI WRINKLE TREATMENT beautifies as it nourishes and restores moisture to very dry skin. Therapeutic grade oil blend eliminates the look of scars & repairs cracked skin and fine lines.